Township will pay to salt roads twice this year

FLINT TWP. — The township board will participate in the Genesee County Road Commission’s 2012 Dust Control Program and has agreed to pay for two applications of calcium chloride on unpaved public limestone and gravel roads.

The Road Commission will pick up the total cost of the first application in late April of a 38 percent calcium chloride mixture at a cost of $.525 per gallon and application rate of 2000 gallons per mile. The total estimated cost for that application is $21,880, according to a cost summary provided by the road commission.

The township has agreed to pay for the second and third applications in late June and mid-September. The board elected an option for the summer application of an alternate 38 percent treatment costing $.0525 per gallon at a reduced application rate of 1500 gallons per mile.

The township will save a little money in mid-summer with the 1500 gallon application and reserve the full treatment for fall, said Township Supervisor Karyn Miller.

The township’s cost is $21,882 for the spread rate of 2000 miles/gallons. Cost estimates do not include private roads and streets.

About 21 miles of township roads are included in nearly 400 miles of unpaved roads countywide that road commission crews will treat this year in the estimated $414,487 program.

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