Toy safety urged by county Health Department



GENESEE COUNTY — As we enter the holiday season, the Genesee County Health Department asks everyone to be a responsible Santa.

Following are some tips to use when shopping for children on your gift list:

Age-appropriate: check the label when looking at toys to make sure that the toys are for the specified age of the child who is receiving it

Size: make sure the toy does not have any small pieces that can be potential choking hazards, especially for young children who can put toys in their mouth and could swallow these pieces

Shape and parts: toys that have any unusual edges that could potentially injure the child when playing with it. For example, a toy with loose string that could be a potential choking hazard or a toy with a sharp edge that could cut your child

Paint or coloring agents: lead-based paints have been banned in the United States, but toys made from other countries, antique toys and collectibles could still have lead in the paint.

Details: Visit or call 1-800- 638-2772. — G.G.

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