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The Major League Baseball trade deadline came to a close at 4 o’clock on Monday. Let’s say the first trade deadline, to be clear. The second one comes this month when a player clears waivers and can move to another baseball club. He must clear waivers first, though.

I will say the huge winner in the first trade was hands down the Texas Rangers, who gave up young, promising players to go after a World Series come October. They added Carlos Beltran from the New York Yankees. The Rangers also picked up Jonathan Lucroy from the Milwaukee Brewers. This lineup of the Rangers is a powerful nine deep. They pack power and serious punch. I ask, however, is it enough to win a World Series? I am not sold. What it did do is improve their chances for sure. Let’s not forget that the Rangers have three bullpen pitchers who bring it in the 100 mph range!

The Lucroy situation was a strange one, as he vetoed a trade to the Cleveland Indians. He had a deal in his contract where there were eight teams he could veto a trade to, so he did. The Cleveland Indians did acquire closer Andrew Miller from the New York Yankees. The low payroll Indians looking to go to the World Series. I love it.

The New York Yankees are usually buyers at the deadline, but not so this year. The Yanks had a firehouse sale and loaded up on prospects. I wonder what George Steinbrenner would have thought about that if he was still alive? It wouldn’t have happened. That’s the proper answer to that question.

The Detroit Tigers stood pat at the deadline and I totally agree with that choice. The Tigers are red-hot right now. They have won eight of their last 10 games and are owners of a six-game winning streak heading into Tuesday night’s action at home against the Chicago White Sox. The Tigs only trail the Indians by four games with two months of the season left. I think the sweep of the Boston Red Sox on the road did a lot confidence-wise for the Tigs. They closed the gap in the wildcard race, which was huge, I thought. The city of Detroit and Comerica Park should be electric the last two months of the MLB season. I ponder, though, will the 1-11 record against the Cleveland Indians cost them an October baseball appearance. The Ole English D. Let’s get it done!

First major title for Walker

The last golf major of the year went to Jimmy Walker, as he held off Jason Day by one stroke on Sunday at the PGA Championship at Balustrol. This was Jimmy’s first major win. The Wanamaker Trophy is his and he earned it playing darned good golf.

The story of the PGA Championship was the rain. It rained and rained and made for some long days. I really thought when Jason Day hit that 2-iron 15 feet from the hole and then proceeded to sink an eagle putt Jimmy Walker might be in trouble. The shot by Day took a threeshot lead down to a one-shot lead. The eagle putt, however, did not rattle Walker and he ended up the winner. The 2016 golf majors produced four different winners and I liked that. These golfers are all so close talent wise that it makes watching golf every weekend exciting to me. Anyone can win on any given weekend.

The Ryder Cup is the next huge golf attraction and I can’t wait.

Less than thrilled

The Olympics start this week and I couldn’t be any less excited. When the lead story is the Zika virus? I couldn’t tell you who any of the swimmers or track and field athletes even are. I would say that shows my interest level. I know that it’s a terrible attitude to have. I really hope some story line develops that peaks my interest in these Olympics.

Time to hang it up

Reggie Bush is still playing football? Yes, he is, as he signed with the Buffalo Bills. Reggie, you need to hang the cleats up.

I see Darius Slay hit the $50 million jackpot. Mr. Slay is now the seventh-highest paid cornerback in the NFL. The NFL Hall of Fame Game is Sunday featuring the Colts and the Packers. Brett Favre is being enshrined, which will bring plenty of green and gold to Canton, Ohio.

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