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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

November is a month where football is usually king. However, here in Motown, baseball was the king (or prince) of conversation. The Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers pulled off a blockbuster deal and now Prince Fielder is headed south and Ian Kinsler is headed north. The trade is a winwin for both sides.

Prince has had back-toback bad postseasons here in Detroit. The huge contract he got brought on huge expectations that included a World Series title for Detroit. Let’s be honest, if Victor Martinez didn’t get hurt, Detroit never pursues Prince. Prince did a good job of protecting Miggy in the lineup every day. Miggy will miss Prince the most. Prince put up decent regular-season numbers, just not when it mattered most. However, numerous Tigers can be faulted for bad playoff numbers. They just weren’t doing it with an enormous contract like Prince’s.

In trading Fielder, the Tigers accomplished three things. They acquired a top-notch second baseman and lead-off hitter in Ian Kinsler. The money saved in dealing Prince opens up the signing possibility of Max Scherzer to a long-term deal. The last thing it accomplished was moving Miggy back to first base and bringing up hotshot 21-year-old Nick Castellanos. We also say bye bye to Mr. Peralta, who signed a four-year, $52-million deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. The new rumor is the Tigers are shopping one Austin Jackson. Do you, as Tigers’ fans, like that move? Let’s see if it becomes the truth.

The Big Game?

This week would normally be a big writeup about Michigan and Ohio State. The Game! However, this will not even be competitive. The Wolverines will get smoked by three touchdowns by the Buckeyes. The sad part is, it will be witnessed by 110,000 fans in the Big House. I don’t want to hear it’s a rivalry game, anything can happen, either. The Michigan vs. MSU was a rivalry game and we all saw what happened there. This Michigan football team is a disgraceful mess. The Buckeyes have nothing to worry about until they play the Legend champs, Michigan State. Yes, the Big Ten Championship game will feature the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan State Spartans. Michigan State went to Northwestern and took care of business with a 30-6 victory. I love watching this Spartan team play football. The defense is solid and the offense is growing week by week. I still say the Spartans can go down to Indianapolis and defeat this Ohio State team. Michigan State fans will travel well to watch this championship game. Heck, I might even go myself. This has truly been a Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride for the Spartans football team here in 2013. Bring on the Buckeyes to the Sparty Party!

Big choke

The Detroit Lions absolutely let down their entire fan base once again. They choked on the biggest game of the season so far. They lost a home game to the lowly Tampa Bay Bucs. The Tampa team came in here a lousy 2-8 football team. This game lost to Tampa is why the saying SAME OLD LIONS can never leave this franchise!

Detroit could have taken a stranglehold on the NFC North Division with a win. Oh no, the Lions cannot handle the thought of success! Time and time again this pitiful Detroit Lions team lets down all of us who try to believe in them. There are fans like me and others who never want to utter the words SAME OLD LIONS! I want to bury that phrase one hundred feet under the Silverdome ground. The shovel always seems to break whenever you think it can’t. The dirt just falls right back down on this franchise and its fans.

Because of early holiday deadlines, I have to skip the NFL Picks this week. Happy Turkey Day to everyone. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.

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