Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) calls for projects

GENESEE COUNTY — The Genesee County Metropolitan Alliance, with staff assistance from the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission (GCMPC), is requesting projects for the FY 2023-2026 Genesee County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) starting this week.

All ACT-51 agencies are eligible to submit applications for improvements to federal aid eligible roads in their jurisdiction. Townships should contact the Genesee County Road Commission (GCRC) concerning potential projects in their township as GCRC must be the applicant.

If a non-Act-51 agency is interested in a Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) project (nonmotorized trail or Safe Routes to School project), they should contact their local Act-51 agency as the Act-51 agency must be the applicant.

The GCMPC asks communities to keep in mind when developing applications for road preservation and reconstruction projects that 25 percent of the funding available for reconstruction/preservation projects will be allocated to reconstruction projects, 60 percent will be allocated to preservation projects, and 15 percent will be set aside for preservation projects with a PASER rating of 5.

For projects currently in the 2023 year of the FY 2020-2023 TIP: if the project has a scope change, then the project must be resubmitted; if the project scope is staying the same, but there are minor cost adjustments, just the updated costs should be submitted.

All project applications, including Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) applications, must be received by the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission by Friday, Nov. 12, at 5 p.m.

Applications will then be ranked, evaluated, and endorsed by the appropriate committees.

TIP applications and supporting information are available on our website by visiting the following link:

The TIP application website includes:

• Resource Information – Links are provided on the TIP Call for Projects website that contain information regarding; PASER, traffic counts, congestion management, bridges, nonmotorized facilities, National Highway System routes, Mass Transit Authority routes, roundabouts, environmental justice zones, and municipalities. A link to historic Traffic Flow Maps is also provided.

• 2023-2026 TIP Policies & Procedures – Rules and guidelines for applying for federal transportation dollars in Genesee County.

• 2023-2026 TIP Project Applications – Five project applications are available: Preservation/ Reconstruction, Roadway Expansion, Transit, Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) (on-line application), and Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) (on-line application).

• 2021 Pavement Condition Rating (PASER) – A series of maps showing 2018 PASER ratings for each jurisdiction.

• 2014 and 2045 Genesee County Congestion Management System – Documents providing information on roadway deficiencies in Genesee County. These documents should be consulted regarding roadway expansion projects.

• Regional Traffic Safety Plan – A document to assist local agencies in taking a proactive stance in reducing and preventing local road fatalities and injuries.

• Intersection crash rankings for each jurisdiction.

• Performance Measures – A link is provided to a document that contains the current Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) performance measures and targets related to transportation systems. States must set performance targets for pavement conditions, bridge conditions, reliability performance measures, safety performance measures, and transit performance measures to meet annual performance measure requirements for the FAST Act.

Details: Call 810-766-6564 or e-mail at