Treasury: More than $1.9 billion in state income tax refunds issued for 2018

LANSING — More than 3.3 million state income tax refunds were processed for the 2018 tax year that provided taxpayers with over $1.9 billion, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

As of mid-June, the average taxpayer refund was $571, up from last year’s $552 average. To date, more than 4.8 million returns have been processed by the state Treasury Department, with 91% reviewed and finalized within two weeks of receipt.

The remaining 9 percent required additional review and were processed within two to six weeks.

“Refunds are important to Michigan taxpayers,” State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks said. “Our team worked diligently during peak filing times to ensure refunds were issued promptly and calls for assistance were answered.”

A decrease in filed tax returns over the past five years is due to the state Treasury Department processing returns in the year they are received. Few tax returns are being carried over into the following year.

Taxpayer calls to the Individual Income Tax Information Line were answered within 2 minutes 15 seconds, down from 5 minutes 6 seconds in 2015.

The state Treasury Department estimates more than 500,000 taxpayers—10 percent—have still not filed state income tax returns for the 2018 tax year. Taxpayers have four years to file a return and claim an outstanding refund.

To learn more about Michigan’s Individual Income Tax, go to www.michigan. gov/incometax or follow the state Treasury Department on Twitter at @ MITreasury. — G.G.