Trouble with the curve

The trajectory of this virus appears directly linked to the willingness of people to take it seriously and accept the responsibility to gain a positive outcome.

While we were all blindsided at first, a look at the data within the State (and Country) you can observe that pattern. For example, even after almost five months of info, experience, and warnings, the Kent County area continues to worsen on that trajectory (Oakland and Wayne creeping up again).

When you look at the numbers in Genesee County you see a very different approach worth maintaining and being proud of.

For example, from mid- March thru April (about six weeks in that blindsided time) we incurred about 1,700 cases. But in the following months of May June and so far, July, only added about 600. Plus, since late June there have been no deaths in the County (there were 2 attributed to records being updated from many weeks ago).

HOWEVER: Since the Holiday “binge” and the current numbers are starting to warn us. On Friday (7/10) the County registered 20 new cases. The last time we had 20 cases was May 20th and the avg since then has been around 7 (the # of cases we returned to on Sat), with a low of ZERO on 6/14 (yes… ZERO).

That kind of response and that kind of results came directly from the people of the County moving up on the learning curve at a significantly higher rate than the virus, and trusting the efforts of a Gov who clearly sees your best interest as hers, and is providing support that has proven to be effective when followed.

Sure there are going to be those who want to open up the bars and restaurants and (blindly) flock to the beaches (and sports fields) as the virus inconveniently interrupts their “normal’ lives, but thankfully there are far more here who believe that investing in a manageable pain regimen now, will allow the schools and businesses to be reopened safely while avoiding the menacing second wave crippling the State later. Consider where your comfort level needs to be to put your child on a school bus in about six weeks.

That patience and perseverance (manageable pain now), and the now promising medical science (in its second and third stage testing), promising vaccine and both curative and preventative treatments, is how we put this incredible episode in our lives behind us, and be proud of the collective way we managed it. — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township