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The Michigan Wolverines football program is in trouble once again. The “Rich Rod Era” was the biggest disaster ever in the history of Michigan football. For Brady Hoke, is he heading that way with this onceproud program? I definitely see signs of another mess brewing at Michigan. Saturday’s game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers was totally disgusting. Michigan came in on a 19-0 home winning streak under Hoke. I’ll give you that that was an impressive statistic. I emphasize, was!! It now stands at 19-1.

This Michigan team was totally unprepared to play football. They lacked confidence. They lacked preparation. They lacked passion and emotion. They lacked leadership and direction. That, my folks, is a lot of lacking in numerous areas. The blame must fall on Hoke. What it looks like to me is, Brady can defeat the alsorans of the Big Ten, but not the upper echelon teams. Right or wrong, Michigan fans (me included)? I thought he was the right man for the job, but severe doubt has set in for me. I don’t know if I feel Hoke is the right man to lead this program back to the top of the college football spectrum. I’ll also give him this: somebody other than me told him to wear some head sets! I actually saw him wearing some. I’ll stand up and clap if you won’t.

Devin Gardner is a train wreck at the quarterback position! He needs to go. Hoke, can’t you see that? Most Michigan fans can! I think the Brady Hoke honeymoon is coming to an end for a lot of us! I know it is for the Fat Guy.

Polar opposites

The Spartans are just the opposite of the Wolverines. The MSU football team has a huge game on deck with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Cornhuskers have won the last two meetings against the Spartans. MSU has to travel down to Big Red country for this game. The winner of this football game will most likely play Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game.

The Spartans’ defense will do its part on Saturday, I believe. The question becomes, will the offense do its part? Can MSU score enough offensively to defeat the “Huskers”. I think so. I like the momentum of the Spartans and mojo they have going right now. I think they are a better football team than Nebraska. They are coming off a bye week so they’ve had two weeks to get ready for this game. Fat Guy Crystal Cheese Ball says: Bring on the Buckeyes 20 and Husked and Shucked 17. Let the Sparty Party Starty!

Rolling off the tongue

The first-place Detroit Lions! Say it slowly this time… the first-place Detroit Lions. I know those words are hard to utter for long-suffering Lions fans. Detroit took care of business in the windy city last Sunday. It wasn’t pretty, but it was enough to secure first place and a nice 6-3 record. The “Same Old Lions” does not apply to this 2013 football team. The “Same Old Lions” would have found a way to lose the game in Chicago last Sunday. However, THEY WON the football game.

Detroit is set up to win this division and earn a home playoff berth. PLAYOFFS? Yes, Jim Mora, I uttered the famous word; playoffs. Detroit controls its own destiny in this division. The schedule is not what I call tough. I caution you, though, there are no easy wins in the NFL, EVER.

The Green Bay Packers without quarterback Aaron Rodgers are in deep trouble. They will lose Sunday to the Giants, I predict. Detroit owns the tie breaker over the Bears since they swept the season series. Can the Lions, who are in uncharted waters, handle the pressure of high expectations? I say, yes. I will see a home playoff game at Ford Field! Finally! Trust me on this prediction. Who’s with me? Let’s fill up the bandwagon. NFL picks up next….

Indianapolis -3 over TENNESSEE
TAMPA BAY -1 over Atlanta
BUFFALO -1 over New York Jets
Detroit -2 over PITT
Washington +3.5 over PHILA
San Diego -pk over MIAMI
CHICAGO -3 over Baltimore
CINC. -5.5 over Cleveland
HOUSTON -7 over Oakland
J’VILLE +6.5 over Arizona
Minnesota +13.5 over SEATTLE
N. ORLEANS -3 over San Francisco
GIANTS -6 over Green Bay
DENVER -8 over Kansas City
CAROLINA -2.5 over New England
SEASON 66-76-6
BEST BET Indianapolis

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