Trump is evil, “wrong-headed”

I read a letter written to Viewpoint dated Dec. 10 stating that an election investigation is warranted. I am also a citizen of Grand Blanc with a different viewpoint and a response to this nonsense. Most Americans realize the current occupant of the Oval Office is a liar, a narcissist, a racist and the worst person to ever serve our country as president. It will be a great day when Trump leaves office and returns to the environment where he came from.

Trump has lost 56 lawsuits in an effort to reverse the will of the people in this election, which is indicative of maniacal behavior. The Supreme Court has refused to review his latest attempt to stop the election process. Typical of Trump’s many complaints, there is no basis and no evidence of fact.

To imply that president-elect Biden does not love and support this country is disingenuous. He has served our country for many years as a public servant in the face of severe personal loss and tragedy.

Trump supporters should realize that he has devastated the country with wrong-headed policies and reckless behavior. Trump is an evil person that should have never been elected to public office. — Willie E. Artis, Grand Blanc