Tune Up Party Week revs up excitement for Back to the Bricks



Editor’s note: View Newspaper Group is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of Back to the Bricks and the official publisher of the Back to the Bricks event guide which will arrive next week as part of our Aug. 6 editions.

GENESEE COUNTY — The Back to the Bricks extravaganza is about to get into full swing with the annual Tune Up Party Week set to kick off Monday, Aug. 3 in Flint Township. The tour continues with parties in different cities each night of the week featuring car shows, dancing, music, door prizes, food and more at a variety of businesses and locations in each stop. Tuesday Aug. 4 is in Clio, Wednesday the Aug. 5 is in Linden, Thursday Aug. 6 is in Fenton, Friday the Aug. 7 is in Davison and Saturday, Aug. 8 is in Mt. Morris City/ Beecher.

“Each year the parties seem to get bigger and better, Clio is especially fun because they open up their drag racing track and let the old cars cruise around. People can even do burn outs down the speedway,” said Back to the Bricks Event Chairperson, Roberta Flack. “The parties have different musical themes, in Flint there will be a ’50s theme at ITT Tech, then the ’60s at Genesee Valley Mall and the ’70s at Duke’s Car and Stereo.”

Businesses of all types and sizes get involved with Back to the Bricks. The new Insight Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience (IINN) in Flint, for example, helps out by lending office space to the Back to the Bricks team members. IINN also hosted the kick off meeting for the Promotional Tour, where the Mayor of Flint stopped by to wave off all the classic cars and their drivers.

ELGA Credit Union is involved in a number of the Back to the Bricks events, including the Tune Up Party Week. “ELGA goes into all the communities during each of the Tune Up parties (and) they hand out free commemorative T-shirts,” said Cheryl Sclater, Business and Community Development Manager at ELGA Credit Union and member of the Back to the Bricks Board of Directors. “Back to the Bricks has grown into such an incredible event, bringing revenue to the community and bringing the people together whether you’re a car person or not … businesses working together to have a great economic impact. There’s stuff for kids and adults, everyone has fun and everyone likes to be involved.”

The annual Back to the Bricks event will be in Flint and the greater Flint area Aug. 11 to 15 this year. For more info on Tune Up Party Week or Back to the Bricks visit www.backtothebricks.org.

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