Two C-A teachers remain laid-off

FLINT TWP. — Only two of 22 Carman- Ainsworth teachers notified of potential layoffs were not reinstated as of the July 1 effective date.

“One elementary and one high school teacher will remain on lay-off after we place teachers in various vacancies,’’ said Steve Tunnicliff, assistant superintendent.

School administrators had anticipated that most teachers on the layoff list would be reinstated once the district’s financial picture became clearer and it was known how many teachers would retire.

Eight retirements and two resignations helped to create room for some teachers to stay.

The names of the resigning teachers have not been released pending acceptance by the school board at an upcoming meeting.

Those retiring are: Nancy Ambrosier, a special education teacher at Dye and Randels elementary schools who worked for the district nine years; Linda Archambeau, a kindergarten teacher who worked at Dillon, Fenton Lawn, Randels, Stalker and Woodland and was with CA for 21.8 years; Loraine Baker, a 5th grade teacher at Carman Park and Rankin elementary for 17 years; Joel Bolter who taught 5th grade at Rankin for 21 years; Valerie Frederick, a math teacher at Woodland Elementary, CA Middle School and high school for seven years; Lucy Hockin, a headstart teacher at The Learning Community for 24 years; Leisa Shewalter, a special education teacher at Randels, Woodland and the middle school for nine years; and Linda Stoyek, a Title 1 teacher who worked at Dillon, Carman Park, Rankin, Fenton Lawn and Woodland during her 38 years with the district.

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