Twp. board amends 2016 budget again

FLINT TWP. — Sticking to her long-held stand against unnecessary spending, Trustee Barb Vert once again cast the sole no vote in a 6-1 township board decision to amend the 2016 budget.

Amendments approved Monday night follow $82, budget adjustments approved in late November. This time, according to a memo from Controller Beth Takacs, the needed adjustments are:

*General Fund: Township Board – $1,000 – to be added to expenditures for Miscellaneous Expense due to purchases for new board members such as Roberts Rules of Order, MTA training and photos from the swearing in ceremony.

*General Services Administration — $39,330 — to be added to expenditures for Surface Water Management and Roads at Large. Auditors said expenses of $16,644 for Surface Water Management can no longer be charged to the Sewer and Water Fund. The balance of $22,686 is for catch basins since there are not enough funds available in the Municipal Street Fund to pay for these.

• Township Hall & Grounds — $3,562 — to be added to expenditures for Repair and Maintenance mainly due to the crack seal that was purchased and applied to the parking lots at the township hall and police station.

• Justice Assistance Grant Fund to add $39,950 to expenditures for grant reimbursements to Flint Township and other grant subrecipients.

“We receive the grant funds in advance of the grant expenditures and have three years to expend them,” Takacs said. “We will have around $540,000 of unexpended JAG funds at the end of this year that can be spent over the next couple years.”

• Police Grants Fund — $18,000 to be added to both revenues and expenditures for the Office of Highway Safety Planning Grant (OHSP). This is a reimbursing grant for which the township has expended and been reimbursed more grant funds than in years past.

Trustee Vert said she opposed the budget amendments because of the constant spending.

“When the budget is presented, it usually is pretty well padded,”” she said, adding that she particularly did not understand the $1,000 overage for the township board budget.

Miller said it was used in part to cover the costs for New Officials Training and orientation provided by the Michigan Townships Association. The board has a newly elected clerk and treasurer and two trustees.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller acknowledged that the board recently passed other budget amendments and said she would have preferred to do them all at once at the end of the year.

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