Twp. board supports new senior housing plan

FLINT TWP. — Family Service Agency for Mid-Michigan (FSA) wants to build more houses for low-income senior citizens and the Flint Township Board is all for it.

The board unanimously supported a resolution for FSA to apply for funding through the Genesee County HOME Program Project.

The board also backed a pilot proposal back in 2011 when the FSA applied for funding to build two similar projects on Larchmont Street. FSA opened those homes in 2014 and have since applied sought to build two more multi-family units on vacant property on Larchmont adjacent to those existing houses.

The properties at 3148, 3154, 3166, ad 3172 are on the north side of Larchmont and being obtained from the county Land Bank.

“We are funding the project from three sources,” said Charles P. Tommasulo, FSA executive director, in a letter of explanation to the township board. These sources include $500,000 awarded by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis; $14,000 donated by ELGA Credit union (a sponsor); and $400,000 each requested from Metro Community Development and Genesee County HOME Funds, Tommasulo said.

He submitted architectural drawings of the two proposed four-unit buildings that are similar in design to the existing Larchmont homes. The one-story structures would include four private suites, a family gathering area and a utility room for furnaces and hot water heaters. Each suite would have its own kitchen and washer and dryer.

According to the resolution, Genesee County has applied for and received funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Gonzales National Affordable Housing Act for the purpose of providing affordable housing. The HOME program addresses the need for low-to-moderate income senior housing.

Serving local families since 1945, FSA administers a variety of programs including Foster Grandparent, In-Home Elder Care, Visually Impaired services and counseling. It is located at 1422 W. Court St.

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