Twp. board to consider ordinance updating amendment for animals

FLINT TWP. — A Dogs, Cats and Wildlife Ordinance amendment is coming up for second reading and adoption at the Dec. 18 township board meeting.

A proposed Sign Ordinance Amendment also is pending but was first sent to the Planning Commission for review.

The dog ordinance replaces outdated language about vicious dogs that was repealed in October on the advice of the township attorney. It concerned the definition of a vicious dog and included requirements that vicious dog owners provide the township with proof of $100,000 in liability insurance, provide to the township clerk two color photographs of the animal, and to promptly report incidents involving the dog including attacks, giving birth or being stolen.

The revised ordinance still includes definition of vicious animals and prohibited animals. A proposed addition makes it unlawful to “deposit or release” any animal for the purpose of abandonment.

Other language sets restrictions on owning more than three animals, with the exception of newborn kittens and puppies up to 8 weeks old.

New language governing vicious dogs prohibits ownership of such animals with the exception of professionally-trained guard dogs.

“Any dog that has been determined to be a vicious dog by a Flint Township Peace Officer may be the subject to a peti- tion to the District Court seeks to euthanize the dog,’ the amended ordinance states.

Township Karyn Miller, said the revised ordinance, if approved, will take effect in January.

“We amended our old ordinance and this is going to bring it up to date an in line with the law,” she said.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked if the new ordinance is similar to others in the state and if the township attorney had reviewed it.

Miller confirmed the attorney has a copy of the revised ordinance and did not voice any problems with it.

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