Twp. putting land up for sale

FLINT TWP. — The township board approved a real estate listing agreement with Cooper Commercial to sell township owned properties.

One parcel is 86.65 acres of vacant land west of South Dyewood. The second parcel consists of nine vacant lots on Charter Drive off Linden and Court streets.

After some board members requested separate votes on the parcels, the sale of the Charter Drive parcels was unanimously approved and the Dyewood acres passed 4-2. Trustees Belenda Parker and Barb Vert voted no without stating a reason for their objections.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said the township acquired the land at no cost through the Genesee County Land Bank, which is a repository for tax-reverted properties that fail to sell at public auction.

“it is a good time to try to sell them, assessments are going up and we might get a decent price for them,’’ she said.

According to pre-listing documents, the size and estimated value of the nine Charter Drive parcels, described as office site condominiums, are roughly as follows:

°1.44 acres, $43,200 to $56.200

°2.01 acres, $60,300 to $97,600

°2.07 acres, $61,300 to $62,100

°2.38 acres, $71,400 to $79,000

°2.42 acres, $72,600 to $76,300

°2.44 acres, $73,200 to $75,300

°3.07 acres, $90,600 to $92,100

°3.51 acres, $92,700 to $105,200

°4.25 acres, $127,000 to $127,500

The 86,65 Dyewood acres have an estimated value of $174,000 to $216,625 based on per acre costs ranging from $2,070 to $2,500.

Trustee Frank Kasle, an attorney, also questioned terms in the agreement stating a commission of six percent if no outside broker is involved in the sale but eight percent if there is. He referenced residential property sales when a typical six percent commission is shared 50-50.

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