UM-Flint and Kettering share win in second annual Recycling Challenge

FLINT — It was Flint’s own version of March Madness as four local colleges, Baker College, University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint), Kettering University, and Mott Community College (MCC) competed this past March in the second annual Recycling Challenge.

This year’s Recycling Challenge was a little different than last year’s competition using a recycling trailer or “roll-off” container that was placed on each of the four campuses during the month of March.

Recyclables collected were: mixed paper, cardboard, plastics 1-7, and metal.

The 2011 event was sponsored by Waste Management Inc. and Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission.

Waste Management Inc. provided the recycling containers and transported the recyclable material to their “Recycle America” recycling facility in Saginaw, Michigan and Great Lakes Recycling in Flint Michigan.

“Waste Management really enjoyed being part of the friendly competition and would like to further expand its recycling efforts at the four local colleges” said Carey Weihmiller, Public Sector Solutions Manager at Waste Management.

The material was sorted, weighed and sent to end markets for reuse. According to Mike Lane, EHS Manager who worked on coordinating the event, “The idea is to encourage recycling at the college campuses and in the community bringing all four Flint college campuses together for a fun, friendly competition.”

According to Waste Management calculations, together the four schools recycled 22.1 tons; saved 84 cubic yards of landfill space; saved 227 mature trees; saved 132,150 gallons of water; and saved 113,412 kw-Hr of electricity.

The winners were announced at the annual Earth Day Celebration, April 16 at the University of Michigan-Flint. Two prizes were awarded: UM-Flint won the prize for the college that recycled the most materials by weight with recycling a grand total of 17,720 lbs. of recyclable material; and Kettering University won the other prize for the school that recycled the most pounds per student enrolled 9.0 pounds per student.

The two winners split the prize money generated from the rebate received from the materials collected and recycled.

For more information on the Recycle Challenge or Annual Earth Day Celebration, please visit the website at or call 810-766-6763.

Baker College
Total Pounds Recycled: 9,560
Number of Student: 7,000
Pounds recycled per student: 1.4
Mott Community College
Total Pounds Recycled: 9,340
Number of Student: 9,832
Pounds recycled per student: 1.0
Kettering University
Total Pounds Recycled: 7,800
Number of Student: 866
Pounds recycled per student: 9.0
Total Pounds Recycled: 17,720
Number of Student: 7,712
Pounds recycled per student: 2.3

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