UM-Flint students tutoring at CAHS

FLINT TWP. — Tougher subjects like math and physics may get easier for some Carman-Ainsworth High School students thanks to help from a higher source.

A tutoring partnership with the University of Michigan -Flint recently started that will regularly bring college students to the high school, according to C-A Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff, in a briefing to the school board at their meeting earlier this month.

It is a free program at no cost to the district, Tunnicliff said.

The UM-Flint students are majors in mathematics, physics and biology and social studies with emphasis on the writing component for Advance Placement tests. They are scheduled to come to the high school on different days to avoid conflicts.

“If you happen to need help in both calculus and chemistry, you don’t have to pick or choose,” Tunnicliff said of the arrangement in which interested students can participate in all three tutoring opportunities.

Interest seems to be high judging by recent attendance of an estimated 100 students in a CAHS biology classroom for a meet and greet with the UM-Flint tutors, he said.

It adds another layer of tutoring help for CAHS students.

“The nice thing about this is we have tutoring programs already and will continue to have those tutoring programs,’’ Tunnicliff said.

“But quite frankly we don’t hire tutors who are getting a degree specifically in physics or in mathematics. So if (a student) needs help in calculus, just going to our normal tutoring may not suffice. You may not have somebody who can help at that level. And now we do.”

Tunnicliff said he is not aware of any other similar partnership where UM-Flint is sending students to tutor at a high school.

“This is a wonderful opportunity,’’ he said. He gave special acknowledgment Dr. Robert Hahn, UM-Flint’s Coordinator of the K-16 Initiative.

This is not the first collaboration between CAHS and UM-Flint.

In 2011, the two schools formed a Collaboration and Faculty Exchange (CAFE) which established a teacher exchange program to bring college level instruction to C-A Advanced Placement students.

That program paired UM-F faculty with C-A teachers of similar subjects in AP courses. In that exchange, the UM-F faculty came to CAHS to teach and in turn CAHS teachers and AP students visited the UMFlint campus to participate in classes and labs there.

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