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The Super Bowl of NASCAR is over and Denny Hamlin was the winner for the second time in four years. I said last week I would watch the last 10 laps and I exceeded that by watching the last 24. The last 10 laps were hindered, however, by a 21-car pileup started by Paul Menard. The final 20 laps featured five accidents and two red flags the defending champ, Austin Dillion, was involved in ending his chances of a repeat victory. It’s over, and all that matters is Denny Hamlin took the checkered flag at Daytona. I hope all the gear heads enjoyed the race!

On the hardwood

The Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines will dribble the basketball on Sunday at Crisler Arena. Tip-off is 3:45 p.m. I think all college basketball fans want to witness this basketball game. The Spartan and Wolverine fans will be anxious to claim bragging rights when a winner is declared around 6 p.m. Sunday night.

I really think this one will be an epic battle on the hardwood, to be honest. I think both teams will win on their home court and split the season series. If by chance one of the teams can sweep the series, it will go a long way in determining their seeding come March Madness bracket time. I think both teams are currently sitting on the two-seed line. Let’s all hope the game lives up to the hype, whether you bleed green and white or maize and blue. I know I’ll be tuning in, as will the rest of you basketball fans.

All-Star games need to go

I did not watch much of the NBA All-Star game except for about the last three minutes of the first half. It was an utter joke of a basketball game. There was zero defense played and to me, totally not worth watching. It was basically a glorified pick-up basketball game played by NBA players. These professional All-Star games need to disappear from the schedule. I say give the players the days off and call it good. Am I the only one that feels that way? I wonder?

Waste of money?

The Detroit Pistons have worked their way back into the eighth seed before the All-Star break. The best Detroit can do is finish in the sixth spot. The worst, of course, is again missing the playoffs altogether. It will be a darn shame if the Pistons can’t beat out Charlotte, Miami, or Orlando to make the playoffs.

I have watched the Pistons and they have playoff talent on the court. The problem is, on any given night the playoff effort type of basketball is missing. The Pistons love taking nights off and shame on them, as professional basketball players are getting paid big bucks.

Sorry to see Quin go

The Detroit Lions cut one of my favorite defensive players in Glover Quin. I loved how he approached the game attitude wise and always played hard on the football field here in Detroit. He was a leader, on and off the field. Glover always answered the tough questions in the locker room after every single game, win or lose. We also know how tough that is with some of the horrendous losses the Lions compile on a yearly basis. The bottom line is, Glover became a salary cap hit at $6.2 million a year and he is 33 years old. I will wish him the best and personally will miss watching him play in the Honolulu Blue and Silver. I would not be shocked if he retires from the NFL. We shall see.

The other NFL news Tuesday was that it looks like Antonio Brown and his childish behavior will no longer be a Pittsburgh Steeler. This guy they call A.B. is a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs if you ask me. Where will he land in the NFL? I think he is a total cancer, personally. Both in the locker room, and on the field. He is talented, but not worth the trouble he brings.

Opening up the purse strings

The San Diego Padres have opened up the bank vault at $300 million over 10 years for Manny Machado. My man Manny shocked the baseball world by picking the Padres. I say sun and tons of dough ain’t a bad way to go! Bryce Harper will now sign here in the next week or so seeing as how Manny set the bar money-wise.

Kuchar coughs up the dough

Matt Kuchar finally paid his caddie what he was worth at $50,000 instead of $5,000 he gave him! Applause, please, for Kuchar for doing the right thing.

For the record, I still have not found time to watch the AAF football league yet. It’s on my list though.

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