Unanswered questions regarding mental health millage

$9,595,118 to the Genesee Health System of which reported would be 100 percent of the funds. Then at the bottom of the ballot as reported states “The following local authorities would be expected to capture a portion of the County’s property tax levy for the proposed millage:”

Then it goes on to list 28 other agencies which would be able to get a portion. If a portion of the millage levied is expected to be “captured”, how much revenue is that portion? Also, in another article, Genesee Community Health Center will receive a federal grant of $1,747,198 for the Genesee Health System along with another $1.1 million from the American Rescue Plan. Nothing was mentioned concerning the amount being currently received or what their operating expense is for a year. So, is the total of $12,442,316 going completely to the Genesee Health System? Without knowing how much the other 28 agencies are dipping into the millage how can people conscientiously vote for something without having all the facts? — Wallace N. Usery Jr., Flushing