United Way of Genesee County launches ‘The Need Continues’ campaign to reach $3m goal

FLINT — Times are tough. In fact, so tough that some people who once contributed to charitable organizations are now in need of the very services they supported.

In an unprecedented effort to reach its $3-million goal, the United Way of Genesee County is launching The Need Continues campaign from now through April 16. The campaign is geared at preventing a shortfall in contributions that could adversely affect services offered by numerous charitable organizations in Genesee County.

“While signs of economic recovery are evident in the area and elsewhere in the country, Genesee County continues to feel the effects of unemployment, homelessness and poverty,” said Kathleen Dilworth, United Way’s Campaign Chair and plant manager of General Motors Flint Engine Operations. “The breadth of the economic downturn has been staggering, as people who once donated to the United Way have cut back or stopped because they are out of work or worse homeless. In other words, the need continues to support programs to help children, families, seniors, the homeless, the abused and the poor.”

To date, the United Way of Genesee County is projected to raise $2.6 million toward its goal of $3 million.

“It’s not the number that’s important,” said Tom Wickham, United Way’s Marketing Chairman. “It’s what that number represents. It’s a family that‘s going to be turned away for help when they need it the most. If we take no action, agencies that rely on United Way funding could see their funding cut or eliminated.”

United Way volunteers will be asking their peers to give via letter, email, phone, in-person, and via social networking sites like Facebook, Google and YouTube.

Residents may choose to make a personal gift by sending cash or check to United Way of Genesee County, PO Box 949, Flint, MI 48501 or can give online at www.unitedwaygenesee.org. G.G.

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