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I predicted Kentucky would win it all and go 40-0! Another prediction down in a three ball of flames. Wisconsin took care of the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday night and sent them packing from the NCAA tournament. Kentucky finished at 38-1, a darn good season, but yet a couple wins short of perfection. The Badgers played a terrific game to defeat the Wildcats.

Duke absolutely destroyed the Michigan State Spartans on Saturday winning by a huge 20-point margin. I did not see that rout coming to be brutally honest. Duke played a tremendous 36 minutes of basketball. The Spartans played a tremendous four minutes of basketball. Yes, Sparty opened up a 14-6 lead to start the basketball game which occurred in the first four minutes with Denzel Valentine doing most of the damage hitting three balls. Little did the Spartans team and its fans know the highlights of four minutes would become 36 minutes of low lights. MSU turned over the basketball numerous times and then missed shots from all over the court. There were certain players who stunk up the joint. Branden Dawson was about as bad as a player could be, in my eyes. The MSU big men were in early foul trouble which didn’t help. Duke dominated the game and Sparty was basically helpless on the hoop floor.

It was a tremendous Final Four run by the Michigan State Spartans and Coach Izzo. I don’t think most saw MSU going to the Final Four and if you did you’re more than likely a Spartan fan or graduated from MSU. I say it’s Coach Izzo’s best job coaching in a long, long time.

On Monday, Duke took down Wisconsin in the championship game 68-63. Wisconsin gagged in the last six minutes after leading most of the second half. Duke took over in the final six minutes and won itself a National Championship. Coach K out coached Bo Ryan of the Badgers late in this game, I thought. A couple favorable whistles went the way of the Blue Devils, which also helped Duke, I thought. Duke is No. 1 for the 2014-15 college basketball season.

Great Opening Day

The Tigers open up with an Opening Day victory over a sorry-looking Minnesota Twins ball club. Minnesota is going to lose 100 games this season. David Price almost pitched a complete game but fell one out short of completing the deal. J.D. Martinez homered, the first in all of baseball for 2015 I might add.

Alex Avila produced his only hit this month, more than likely, with an opposite-field two-run homer. Man, how nice would it be if Avila could hit just .260 this year! Joe Nathan, the greatest closer ever (snicker snicker), came in to record the last out of the game. Mr. Snarky bad attitude was greeted to a nice round of loud boos, which he deserves.

Oh, and my voice was heard all the way from right field, I am sure. It was, after all, the ninth inning and the Fat Guy had a few barley pops by this time. I did not swear, though, so I am proud of that! I just booed loudly and called him a worthless $11 million dollar bum.

I had another great Opening Day like always at Comerica Park. There ain’t no party like Opening Day Deeeetroit Party, as they say.

In jeopardy

The Red Wings’ playoff streak is in serious jeopardy! Three games are left and the season ends on Saturday. Detroit is two points ahead of the Ottawa Senators and the Senators also have three games left. Detroit Red Wings fans and the Wings do not want the streak of playoff appearances to end at 23. I need my playoff Red Wing hockey and 24 years straight of playoff hockey by the men in red and white. It’s one of the greatest streaks in all of professional sports.

The Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek goalie situation still is a state of quandary, as neither one of them will step up and take the No. 1 spot. They better make the playoffs! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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