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Township officials to boost blight flight

FLINT TWP. — Code enforcement violations issued are up 27 percent over this time last year, said Tracey Tucker, building director.

Tucker said that she and Supervisor Karyn Miller have discussed going more on the offensive to fight blight and other code enforcement issues.

Tucker also said that field inspectors attended special training on the use of field tablets, at the end of May and in the interest of becoming more proactive, the building department has added two new part-time temporary officers who trained with current officers in early June.

Tucker also provided to the township board a report on enforcement activity for January to May of this year.

Overall, there have been 802 code enforcement actions. There were 110 in January, 120 in February, 127 in March, 77 in April and 360 in May.

Of those, ten involved abandoned property, 29 were for abandoned residential property, 102 were for blight, six were for board-ups, four were complaints, two involved District Court, one was for improper land use, one involved live stock; 89 concerned outdoor storage; 24 were for parking violations; 90 were for rental compliance; 211 involved vehicles; 152 were for the weed ordinance; 29 for zoning and one for a zoning violation.

Blight enforcement ramped up to 50 cases in May — up from 13 in January, 14 in February 16 in March and 9 in April.

Enforcement of the weed ordinance also took a sharp uptick in May with 136 notices, up from three in January, eight in February, four in March and one in April.

Property owners are reminded that the township’s weed ordinance prohibits the growth of noxious weeds and grass over ten inches in height. Code enforcers begin issuing notices on May 1 and continue through the growing season. Owners in violation are notified by mail and given ten days to cut weeds down to no more than four inches. If they fail to comply the township will have the mowing down and bill the owner.

Outdoor storage also is an ongoing problem, requiring 24 actions each in January and February, 19 in March 10 in April and 12 in May.

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