Upper Echelon of Bar Trivia

BURTON — In pursuit of raising the bar in the pub realm of trivia, the UM-Flint Alumni Society is hosting “Flint’s Toughest Trivia” at the Red Baron on Center Rd. July 29 at 8 p.m.

Alumni Society Board Member Kristopher Johns and Professor Kris Douglas enjoy a drink or two and a heavy dose of trivia on a regular basis, spent during frequent evenings out with friends.

This favored pastime resulted in the new summer concept night at the local bar, of elevated and bulk question and answer sessions open to the public for participation as one player or teams of even 10 in number.

The two men know many enthusiasts have been seeking an elevated level of game-playing to test their knowledge and increase a shared thirst in the pursuit of utilizing mind-brimming facts, in a fun and social manner.

“Flint’s Toughest Trivia is a way for UM-Flint graduates to challenge themselves in a friendly competition. Topics range from history to the sciences and from University of Michigan facts to current events,” said Johns.

Although Johns expects the trivia playing to be the main thrill, prizes such as tickets to The University of Michigan Homecoming Game against Indiana University will be awarded to those who dominate the night, and correctly answer questions in abundance for each select category.

In example, participants will have to answer 50 questions in sports in five minutes.

“This is 180 degrees different than your typical bar trivia,” he said. There is no cost to participate in the event. All UM-Flint Alumni and community members are invited to attend.

Johns suggest those interested simply arrive 30 to 45 minutes early to the start of the event.

The Red Baron is located at 2495 Center Rd. in Burton, “In close proximity to our significant amount of alumni living on the east side, and in very close proximity to the highway,” said the community oriented board member.

“We decided to host a trivia night to provide fun for local alumni. The majority of our members live in Genesee County, so this is a great way to engage them,” said Johns.

Questions for Alumni Relations: 810- 424-5450, or umflintalumni.org.

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