USA women win World Cup

Fat Guy Corner



The fireworks have subsided as July Fourth is now in the rearview mirror. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and still has all 10 fingers. It’s hard to believe, but Labor Day will be here in the snap of our fingers and summer will be gone. The positive is football season will be here when Labor Day rolls around. This time of the year in sports is what I call the dead zone!

There is just not much going on that interests me. Let’s dig into some tennis and soccer, I guess. Wow. Think about that last statement I just made! Some tennis and soccer on the agenda.


The Women’s World Cup champions are the United States with a 2-0 win over the Netherlands Sunday. The United States team never trailed in any of their matches. Talk about total dominance on the soccer field. It was the fourth World Cup championship for the USA. Great job and let’s enjoy the parade as World Cup champions.

Some Coco at Wimbledon

The tennis world has a stunning and great story with the rise of young star Coco Gauff. The 15-year-old American captured the hearts of tennis fans when she defeated Venus Williams, her longtime hero in her opening match. Coco had to fight tears as she grew up idolizing the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena. The incredible third-round comeback against Polona Hercog was spectacular. However, the run for Coco finally came to an end on Monday losing to Simona Halep. Keep your eyes on Coco, as she will be shining on the tennis court for years to come.

The women’s bracket has eight players left and four of them are not even seeded. Can Serena Williams win another Wimbledon title? I am pulling for her to win. The men’s bracket has the three top seeds left in Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. There is only one player unseeded in the final eight players.

NBA free agency frenzy

The NBA continued its roster shake ups this week. The L.A. Clippers have landed Paul George from the OKC Thunder and signed Kawhi Leonard as a free agent. I have to believe the Clippers now may become the team to beat in the Western Conference.

The Lakers and LeBron may be playing second fiddle to the Clippers? Man, that sounds funny to even think about. The Lakers did add Anthony Davis, but I don’t think the Lakers’ roster is as solid as the Clippers. The ramifications of Paul George to the Clippers now has the Thunder of OKC ready to deal franchise player, Russell Westbrook. The Pistons are in the rumor mill for Russell Westbrook, actually. Let’s see how this all plays out. I don’t know how I feel about Westbrook the ball hog in Detroit. However, the current team in Detroit is not very appealing to me either. It’s been a wild, wild week in the NBA that is for sure.

Catching some Zzzzzz

The Home Run Derby was on Monday night as I write this column, and as usual, I couldn’t care less about it. I think it’s the most over-hyped night of sports. I mean I watched it because it’s the only thing on television and the only reason I’ll watch. I will pick Josh Bell of the Pittsburgh Pirates to win. Editor’s note: The Fat Guy picked wrong, as the Mets’ Pete Alonso won.

What I will watch is the MLB All- Star game, as it is the best one of the four major sports. The American League starter is Justin Verlander, who at the age of 36, is still a force. JV was pretty outspoken about the juiced baseballs being used here in 2019. I agree with him 100 percent, too. The hitters are on pace to hit 6,668 dingers, which would eclipse the 2017 record of 6,105 dingers. The baseballs are made by the Rawlings Company and guess who owns Rawlings? Yes, Major League Baseball, owns the company. The commissioner wants offense and he made sure the balls supplied some offense. Folks, this issue is no coincidence. The balls are juiced and I can’t be convinced they are not. I personally do not need to see 10-8 baseball games. I hate football games which are 48-45 with no defense, too. I think I’ll have a salad for dinner. NOT!