Vacation was awesome, but I have a few quips



I just came back from an awesome vacation to Grand Haven and I have to say it was very much needed and it was a real recharge for me.

Vacation was awesome this year, especially with two of my favorite people – Anita and my son, Sam.

But I still can’t help but remember the quirky moments of the vacation. The stuff most people wouldn’t even consider, but still the things that made it a vacation to remember.

The first day we were in Grand Haven we were paid a visit by what I’ve come to call the Blueberry Gang, Two young boys paid us a visit within an hour of our arrival. They identified themselves as blueberry entrepreneurs who not only sold blueberries as a side job, but also they provided landscaping services. Two boys. Brothers. Probably about 10 and 8 in age. Working two jobs. I was impressed. I ordered two pounds of blueberries, but alas the season didn’t prove fruitful enough – they couldn’t get me my blueberries by the time we left Grand Haven. Still, I was impressed at the gumption these boys had. It’s hard to find young people today who want to work, so these two brothers were a refreshing change of pace. Good luck guys!

Our last full day in Grand Haven gave us another opportunity to stop at the state park beach on Lake Michigan. What we discovered was a little odd, however. It turned out the rising temperature of the air opposed to the cold temperature of the chilly Lake Michigan waters produced a nasty fog bank which rolled in off the lake and covered the beach. It was spooky and eerie, but at the same time rather fascinating to see fog covering a beach in hot weather and bright sunshine.

I took my son, Sam, souvenir shopping around Grand Haven and he came back with an intriguing collection of stuff. He bought a wooden rubber band gun, a bottle which he collected Silver Lake Sand Dune sand in, and a ball that bounces on the water. And then there was a quick stop at the local candy store where he stocked up on Pop Rocks and gummy treats. All in all I’d say he did pretty well managing his money for the week. Oh, to be 12-years-old again.

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes were awesome. Our driver on the jeep tour was a guy named Bruce and he was fantastic. He tore through the dunes as if he knew them like the back of his hand. It was almost as good of a ride as an amusement park, though the sand-blasting of my face by the spray of dune matter was an unexpected side-effect.

Overall I had a great time on vacation and I hope to return to my Haven again sometime in the near future. I always come back from a trip there recharged and ready to face whatever might lie ahead.

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