Valentine’s Day by the numbers

190 million: The number of greeting cards exchanged for the holiday. Valentine’s Day comes in second to Christmas for the most number of greeting cards sent.

73: The percentage of men who give bouquet gifts.

119: The number of single men in their 20s per 100 single women of the same age.

6,000: The number of weddings that take place every day in the United States.

144: The number of years the chocolate box has been around. The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates was created and introduced by Richard Cadbury in 1868.

1415: The year in which the first Valentine’s Day card was sent.

76: The percentage of Americans who celebrate Valentine’s Day.

72: The percentage of Canadians who plan to give something on Valentine’s Day.

1,000: The approximate number of letters mailed to Verona, Italy and addressed to Juliet every February 14.

3: The percentage of pet owners who will buy a gift for their pet.

1: The ranking given to teachers in terms of most Valentine’s Day cards received. Numbers 2 and 3 belong to children and mothers.

37: The percentage of workers who have dated someone at work.

15: The percentage of women who send themselves flowers on this day.

2.5 billion: The dollar amount spent on jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

5: The number of years of shelf life for dark chocolate. Discard milk or white chocolate after a year.

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