Vanity plate references are still a lot of fun



Since I started occasionally writing about personalized license plates, also known as vanity plates, I’ve received mixed reader reaction. Some people say they are a lot of fun, other say they are frivolous and not very funny.

I tend to find it a rather enjoyable subject to write about, so here are some I recently came across:

STP PLZ — My friend Dave sent me this one. He said it was on the back of a truck he pulled up behind. The driver was clearly worried about being rear-ended, but according to Dave there was no damage to the back of the vehicle. Apparently the driver of the truck has been rear-ended before and wanted to stave off another collision. I wonder if it worked?

ARRGH — Another plate from Dave. “Needs no explanation!” he said. Yes, I agree, this is how I feel most days.

SSBN599 — A military veteran, perhaps. This was the Navy’s designation for the nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, the USS Patrick Henry (yes, Dave looked it up). He said he didn’t see any missile or torpedo tubes on the all-black car. That’s probably a good thing, especially for the moments where we all get a little road rage.

CELTICS – Perhaps a Boston Celtics fan? Personally I’d rather have a Pistons plate, but the Celtics will do in a pinch.

GM SEA — Interesting play of words. This was slapped on the tail of a GMC truck. All in all, I guess the meaning is the same.

DEPART — Driving a car with this plate makes me think you’re heading off somewhere, with no intention of coming back. Maybe it needs a front bumper plate that says RETURN?

1THINK — I think I can, I think I can.

CH33KY — I saw this one and I had to think about it awhile. Was it code? Was it some sort of military or police designation? No, it was just “cheeky.” Sometimes you just can’t overthink this stuff – it just is what it is.

MYHAUSE – I’m still not sure what this is about. Is that a way to spell “hause?” Is it a take on the word “haus” — which, according to the Urban Dictionary, means to be “ridiculously good” at something? It can also be someone’s last name. Whatever this was, it left me scratching my head – probably better not to ask.

JUSBNME — I got this one right away. Fairly simple and pretty good advice for everyone. Just be yourself. That’s what’s most important I always say.

BITMAN — This has to be a computer guy. I’m thinking it has to do with computers because of bytes of computer memory. Also games that use X-amount of bits. Unless, of course, this is the superhero of all computer gurus – Bitman! Holy computer hackers Bitman!

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