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Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

My ongoing quest to find the best vanity plate has now taken me around the country, or at least to the places my friends Jena and Charlie have traveled in recent months. You see, like me, Jena like to take notice of the vanity license plates she sees. And where I record them in my column occasionally, Jena has a page of vanity plates photos on her Facebook account.

Here’s some of what she’s seen here and abroad:

— Here’s an avid golfer in Virginia who is letting you know with his vanity plate where he can be found most of the time — out on the green.

— Another plate from Virginia, it seems to spell out someone’s pink passion for Hello Kitty … and I only know this because I have a daughter who, at one time when she was little, thought Hello Kitty was the bomb!

— This is someone who doesn’t like to lose. Another Virginia plate, attached to a red Ford F-150 Truck. I’m thinking “big truck, big ego.”

— Another Virginia plate, this time on a vehicle I figure must belong to an exercise nut. It’s great to be in shape, but do you really have to announce it to the world on a vanity license plate?

— Out of the many vanity plates Jena has caught images of, this is probably the best. This is the license plate to a Ford Prius in Virginia. If there was any car that was an anti-Hummer, a Prius would be it.

— From Michigan, obviously the license plate of a math genius, or Mr. Spock — I guess both options are interchangeable.

— Another Michigan plate, perhaps belonging to someone with a stuttering problem or Spicoli from the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

— Another Virginia plate, this one belonging to someone who isn’t sure about things. “Not too” what? This plate leaves a lot to the imagination.

— This one from Illinois, I’m betting the car it’s attached to belongs to an optometrist.

— A Michigan gun enthusiast, no doubt. This should definitely discourage potential car jackers — assuming they see the plate and understand it before trying to steal the car. If they don’t get the message, I’d hate to be them.

— From Virginia, I’m guessing this person really likes their car, or just likes having fun in it. Not much fun to be had, though, it’s a black Volkswagen Beetle.

— I’m guessing this is someone who likes to sing, hum or just carry a tune. Jena found this one in Virginia.

— Another Virginia plate. Apparently this is someone who has kids and is talking about their pacifier, or perhaps they have issues from their own childhood involving their own pacifier.

— A fan of the J.K. Rowlings books about the young wizard Harry Potter. My only question is does this car fly like the one in the books and movies?

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