Vehicle City adds motor sports dealership

FLINT TWP. — They share the Vehicle City name and local ownership but business is completely separate at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership and a new Motorsports store in the same complex on Austins Parkway off Miller Road.

Harley-Davidson corporate is strict about the association with other brands, said Brianna Hoover, Vehicle City marketing director.

“Harley-Davidson has to be separate. We can’t sell any other items or motorcycles.”

But now the motor sports addition provides a convenient one-stop shopping venue for customers who want to look at other recreational vehicles.

VC Motor Sports opened in August to sell brands including Victory motorcycles and Polaris and Arctic Cat recreational vehicles. Other brands will be added by the end of the year as well as more sales staff and service technicians, Hoover said.

“It is sort of an anything that rides sort of store,’’ she said of the snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and other equipment sold.

It fills a space in the L-shaped complex that was available for lease before the decision was made to turn it into a motor sports shop. The Vehicle City complex opened in 2009 and was built on a lot formerly occupied by Chi Chi’s Mexican restaurant.

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