View Newspaper Group gets High Octane award from Back to Bricks organizers



DAVISON — View Newspaper Group was recently awarded the High Octane Award from the organizers of Back to the Bricks.

“Our ‘High Octane’ award is our equivalent to an Emmy or Oscar,” said Back to the Bricks founder Al Hatch. “Typically, we give out five or six of these awards to sponsors and committee members who have distinguished themselves by going above and beyond what is typically expected of them. In the case of the View papers, your company has done just that; gone above and beyond in helping us promote our event, and more importantly, helping us to contribute to the qualify of life in our area and promoting our local automotive heritage which we have no equal.”

View Newspaper Group is proud to be a Media Platinum Sponsor of Back to the Bricks and the official publisher of the Back to the Bricks event guide. “Back to the Bricks is a great event for our community and we are more than happy to partner with this event,” said View Newspaper Group Publisher Wes Smith. “Thank you to the Back to the Bricks organizers for honoring us with this awesome award. We look forward to our continued partnership with Back to the Bricks for years to come.”

Back to the Bricks started in 2004 as a way to bring cars back to the red bricks of downtown Flint and has grown to become one of the biggest car shows in the state and even the nation. Back to the Bricks celebrated its 12th year Aug. 16 to Aug. 20. For more info visit

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