View Newspapers Growing Again!


Hello, Dear Reader. I have a story to tell you.

View Newspaper Group will launch our 15th community newspaper, The Flushing View, on September 10. With print circulation planned at 10,732 copies, representing each residential household in the Flushing zip code, the new paper will bring our total weekly IN PRINT circulation to more than 245,000 copies, covering communities in six Michigan counties.

Please, let that sink in for a moment.

Yes, I did write we are starting a new newspaper and that we are expanding the number of copies we have in print each week. OK, you can read on now.

If you are reading this in print, you likely appreciate the tactile experience of holding the paper in your hands and absorbing the content about your community — and a little ink — in the old school way; no batteries required. If you are reading this online, you’re connected to one of our dozen newspaper websites and enjoying the convenience of learning about your community via the wonder of modern technology. Either way, I’m guessing that the idea of “community” matters to you. You have turned to one of our newspapers to learn about what’s going on in the immediate world of your community.

You already know that we serve as reporter — and watchdog — on your local government, school boards, fire, police and safety departments. We report on local high school athletics, robotics teams, drama clubs, musical and academic accomplishments. We cover local business, farming, charities, service clubs and non-profits. You know we keep you informed on everything from local election results and analysis to what’s going on with your local business community to who won the big game on Friday night. You know we seek out interesting people and places within your community to bring to light their unique stories. You know that we help celebrate the community’s wins and document the losses. We take joy in your community’s accomplishments as well as sharing the sorrows.

In all those things, we take great pride in getting it right. And own up to our mistakes when we make them.

View Newspaper Group was founded by Rick Burrough 12 years ago with the launch of the Lapeer Area View. Burrough managed the growth of this newspaper group through a recession and a time of unprecedented change and challenge in the newspaper business by keeping our focus on the communities we serve.

In an age when print is supposedly dead or dying and the internet juggernaut has large newspaper chains turning their business models upside down and inside out, Burrough’s commitment to maintaining top-notch printed newspapers, with community information that is useful and relevant, resonates with our readers and advertisers.

Regardless of the overall size of our group, we approach each paper as a unique, living thing, with its heart in the community it serves.

We are proud to bring that ethic to the community of Flushing. We look forward to getting to know the people there and hope they’ll soon think of The Flushing View as their paper.

You, Dear Reader, along with all our other readers and our advertisers, have allowed us the opportunity to be successful here in your community and in doing so have helped create the opportunity for us to grow and serve another community.

So there you have it: A newspaper company, focused on local community news that’s important to readers and advertisers finds success and continues to grow. That’s a story worth telling.

Thank you for reading The Flint Township VIEW!

Wes Smith, Group Publisher

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