Virtual academy aids in career goals

It seems like we’re all pushed to go to college after graduating. Sometimes it’s even set up as if that’s the only path to success. But this didn’t seem right for me. Yet, I’ve still found success thanks to the foundation I received from my high school.

I went to online school at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy. To say that the learning environment is different from a traditional brick-and-mortar is an understatement. And that’s what I loved most about it. It’s very much career-driven and I showed me that I could jump right into a career after graduation and still have a bright future.

My drive to start my career early was fueled by an advisor at the school named Laura Stockwell. She was there for me and truly believes in me and my will to fight for what I want. So much so that when I told her I actually wanted to help others find their own path to success through education, she told me with confidence that I should go for it.

I’m now privileged to work with those whose shoes I was once in and helping to connect students with a school that meets their needs. Because there isn’t just one path to success. And it’s time our education system embraces that everyone is unique – both in the way they learn and their future plans. — Kayla Pruett, Swartz Creek