Vote against communism

Mainstream media continue to do their best (or worst) to make the voting process painful, confusing, and divisive. But if you can get past the offensive political ads, the haranguing between the candidates, and the media reporting lies and ignoring or misconstruing the truth, and really consider your choice, it is an easy decision.

A vote for socialism would result in the continuation of unrestricted abortion, up to and including birth; criminals, because the police are being defunded, having free rein, as evidenced by the Antifa/Black Lives Matter-sponsored “peaceful protests”, to attack and injure innocent people, to gleefully steal goods from stores, and to destroy businesses and lives; total control over our speech, religion, and self-protection, for starters; higher taxes and a struggling economy.

Or vote for America and its Constitution and enjoy right to life; law and order; freedom of speech, the right to practice our chosen religion, and the right to bear arms; lower taxes and the revival of a thriving economy.

My choice is obvious. I pray that you, too, choose to save America.

God Bless and Help America! — Theresa Weigand, Grand Blanc