Vote for Shirley Kautman Jones

Please support Shirley Kautman Jones for Atlas Township Supervisor. Shirley doesn’t need a big introduction because everyone knows her, she has proven herself in Atlas Township due to her dedication, commitments, generosity and accomplishments to our community over the past 40 years.

Her successful Country Home Creations, Board of GCRC, Board Of GEDC, Goodrich School Board, prior Atlas Township Supervisor, Goodrich-Atlas Library, Goodrich Historical society, Goodrich Cemetery Board, and her unbelievable support to the families, school and businesses of Atlas Township/ Goodrich. (much more but way too many to list).

I would also state Shirley is a strong supporter of our Military and our Veterans.

Shirley has in the past and will continue to work with County, State and corporations to get us the things we need in our community like Internet service, road maintenance, EMS and more.

She practices the saying actions speak louder than words. She is trustworthy and her Successful business experience has shown that she will spend our tax money wisely and prevent our tax money from being spent foolishly!

Shirley has a very flexible schedule, is accessible to all and follows up on calls. We now have an over budget, overpriced remodeled Atlas Township Office, let’s get a Supervisor in there that works strictly for the Taxpayers of Atlas Township and not one that works a full-time position for the City of Oxford. We need someone working for us! — George & Betty Butterworth, Atlas Township