Vote May 4 on countywide ballot proposals

We all know that voting is important. There are two countywide proposals on the ballot.

1.) 911 Surcharge Renewal

2.) Genesee Health System’s Community Mental Health Millage

The 911 surcharge is a renewal (we are currently funding this) that is exclusively for funding emergency call answering, dispatch services within Genesee County including facilities, equipment, maintenance and operating cost. Supporting this is supporting our local police officers, fire fighters and EMS staff.

I encourage you before the upcoming election on May 4 to ask questions, go online, talk to your friends and neighbors about what will be on the ballot. If you are not sure where your voting precinct is located or what is on the ballot, be sure to reach out to your local clerk’s office.

If you can’t vote in person on May 4 your local clerk’s office can help you with the absentee ballot request process.

It is important to show up and vote. If you can, take you kids with you to experience the voting process. No matter how you vote on the two ballot proposals, let your voice be heard and vote! — Travis Howell, Davison Township