Voters approve Prop 1

GENESEE COUNTY — Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved State Proposal 1 to reduce state tax use – casting 847,066 yes votes to 377,608 no votes, according to unofficial Michigan primary elections results posted on the state website.

Genesee County voters also approved of the measure by 30,233 (about 69 percent) yes votes to 13,286 (about 31 percent) no votes, according to county primary election results.

Proposal 1 was a referendum on Public act 80 of 2014, an amendatory act that will reduce State Use Tax and replace it with a local community stabilization share.

It is touted to “modernize the tax system and help small businesses grow and create jobs,’’ according to the ballot language.

It will create a Local Community Stabilization Authority to administer state revenue distribution to local governments, earmarked for local purposes including police safety, fire protection and ambulance emergency services.

It also aims to increase a portion of state use tax dedicated for school aid to local districts. — By Rhonda Sanders

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