Voters turn down all 6 state proposals

GENESEE COUNTY — Michigan voters defeated all six state proposals in Tuesday’s general election though voters in Genesee County voted in favor of two of them.

With 98.6 percent of the county’s 220 precincts reporting at about 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, the unofficial vote total showed Genesee County voters supported Proposal 2 to guarantee collective bargaining by 95,786 (52.7 percent) yes votes compared to 85,958 (47.30 percent) no votes.

But in statewide polling, with 94 percent of Michigan’s 5099 precincts reporting, the measure to amend the state constitution was defeated with 1,906,297 no votes to 1,198,652 yes votes.

Genesee County voters also favored Proposal 4 to create a registry for inhome care workers, with 99,288 (54.91 percent) saying yes and 81,524 (45.09 percent) saying no.

But statewide voters viewed it differently, voting it down with 2,403,423 (57 percent) no votes cast over 1,807,617 (43 percent) yes votes.

Genesee County voters also took a more favorable view of Proposal 6 regarding future bridge and tunnel construction. Unofficial vote totals early Wednesday showed the measure being narrowly defeated by 90,944 (50.25 percent) no votes topping 90,024 (49.75 percent) yes votes.

Statewide voters shot down the proposal with 1,873,132 no votes over 1,221,243 yes.

Genesee County voters aligned with voters statewide in disapproving Proposal 1 to repeal the emergency manager law. The unofficial vote was 103,376 (57.22percent) no votes compared to 77,292 (42.78 percent) yes.

Michigan voters defeated the proposal with 1,642,131 no votes over 1,459,158 yes votes.

Proposal 3 to pursue renewable energy initiatives drew 96,167 (52.96 percent) no votes from county voters to beat out 85,418 (47.04 percent) yes votes.

Statewide voters also turned it down with 2,244,864 no votes over 1,190,706 yes.

Proposal 5 to limit new taxes was disapproved two-to one by about 119,677 (67.37 percent) of county voters who voted no compared to 57,977 (32.63 percent) who voted yes.

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