Watchful neighbor helps cops catch burglars

FLINT TWP. — Two home invaders are in custody thanks to the quick action of an alert neighbor.

Police responded around 2:15 p.m. on May 15, to a call from a resident who saw two strange men kick in the back door of a neighbor’s house, said Police Chief George Sippert in a report to the township board.

The neighbor observed two men drive up in Ford pick-up truck then went up and knocked on the front door. After not getting a response, they walked around to the back of the house and knocked. When no one answered, they kicked in the door.

Police arrived to find the two men scurrying around inside the house, Chief Sippert said. After police made their presence known, the two suspects were taken into custody. They had stockpiled by the door guns, ammunition, jewelry and a television set, Chief Sippert said.

Police arrested a 48- year-old Lapeer man and a 33-year0old Flint man. Turns out that house was not randomly chosen, A lengthy interview of the suspects revealed that one of the men had visited the home several years ago to do some tree-trimming work. He recalled that the owner paid with cash, so he assumed there might be a large amount of cash in the home.

Both suspects were taken to the county jail to await charges from the prosecutor’s office, Chief Sippert said.

Township Clerk Kathy Funk took the opportunity to publicly notify residents that the township has an ordinance requiring a peddler’s license for door-to-door sales. The process includes fingerprinting and an application. No licenses are currently in effect, Funk said, adding that any salesperson who approaches a township home at this time is doing so illegally.

Chief Sippert said that any homeowners should call 911 if they feel uncomfortable when approached or suspects that something is not right.

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