We love our community

A few of the many reasons we chose to live and start a family in Davison is because of all the wonderful community activities that take place, the excellent schools, local businesses and because it is a safe community.

We have enjoyed taking our kids to the Festival of Flags, Pumpkin Fest, Davison Farmers Market, Davison Area Library, Cruis’n Flag City, all the parks and so many other great experiences. They have now reached an age that we are wanting them to be involved in our community. Thank you to all the local volunteers, educators, school staff and first responders that help make all of this possible.

I was blessed to be raised by loving parents. Falling in love with a beautiful woman from Michigan convinced me that this is where my future would be. The Davison area is the place we decided would be a wonderful place to live and raise our family.

Our community has been my family’s home for almost 12 blessed years. During this time, we have been able to make countless friends, experience and enjoy all that Davison has to offer. We are thankful that we can raise our family in a community that cares about one another and is there for their neighbors.

At a young age I learned how important it is to be involved in my community. Having the opportunity to volunteer, attend meetings, talk with my neighbors and spend time exploring Davison has allowed me to continue to learn more about our community daily. I encourage everyone to find something they are passionate about and get involved. We should all strive to make our community a great place to live, work and worship with pride.

My family is blessed to call Davison home! We always hope for the best for the area we live in.— Travis Howell, Davison Township