Flint Township View

Wearing a mask not proven to protect from the virus

I had quite a laugh reading the “managing editor’s” op-ed piece titled, “What’s so hard about wearing a mask?” dated July 16. I did not laugh because it was humorous, rather because of its one-sided ignorance. Apparently, he “drinks the kool-aid”, just like Whitmer. There are numerous experts that have clearly said, and shown, that masks do not work. These credentialed experts stand in stark contrast to Whitmer and this editor whose stance appears to be, ‘because we said so.’

All we hear is, “science and data”, yet none is ever provided. Wearing a mask will not stop you from contracting ‘the virus’. The virus particles are so small, they pass right through your ‘face covering’. Furthermore, it has been proven your blood oxygen levels drop when wearing a mask, this can cause real “problems” for some people.

Now Whitmer wants you to “police” other citizens regarding masks, really? That’s a recipe for disaster. How do you know I haven’t already tested negative? Or that I have a medical condition, that you have zero right to know about? There are several reasons why I have a “problem’ with the governor’s mandate, and your article. Time for you to go have another glass of kool-aid sir. — Kenneth Truman, Davison Township