Flint Township View

Wearing masks is just good social behavior

Thank you, Gary Gould for having the courage to promote saving lives by wearing a mask. One of the simplest and effective methods of curbing this deadly pandemic is wearing a mask in public. We need more local leaders willing to place the health and safety of our community over self-interest.

Where are the voices of our local political leaders? You want our vote in coming elections. You collect taxes from business’ and residents, set zoning rules, all under the guise of public safety. While asking for our vote, have the courage to remind us the importance of wearing a mask. Further, openly support our local business leaders who have been given the job of policing this. True leaders place others before self.

This has to be said. Religious leaders in our community are creating some of the most dangerous places to visit during this pandemic. By hiding behind man’s constitutional law of the separation of Church and State, promoting “we are not going to wear masks during our services because we don’t have to” is foolish. Biblical teachings say we place others before ourselves. This has been lost in your messaging. Saying “we won’t be wearing masks so if you are not comfortable, don’t come to church, watch us online”, is contradictory to biblical teachings. Promote life. Be a biblical community leader and say, “We will be wearing masks to protect others around us so if you are not comfortable wearing a mask, don’t come, watch online”.

People spend thousands of dollars purchasing and licensing guns to protect themselves and their families from perceived, unknown, invisible, 16 enemies who might cause them harm. The claim is constitutional and with some, a God given right for protection. Use the same energy and spend a dollar for a mask. Wear it in public to protect from this known, real, invisible enemy that has already killed and maimed many.

For those who think you don’t look good in a mask I remind you of the new fashion industry created by this pandemic. There are some amazing and beautiful masks now available. Maybe the media, local government and religious leaders should hold a fashion show or contest for the most beautiful mask, most ingenious, easiest to wear, etc. Reward the social behavior we need to change to protect lives.

Set an example of strength, be a leader, wear a mask. — Donald D. Dunklee, Richfield Township