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The second annual Enchanted Forest event was held at For-Mar Preserve and Arboretum, located at 2142 N. Genesee Rd. in Burton, on Saturday, Oct. 29 from 6-8 p.m. Many attendees of the event came out in costume. Cindy Cheek showed up as a pirate, with Logan Payton as Rupunzel, Kane Payton as Flynn Rider and Nicole Payton as Mother Gothel. The Noggle family masqueraded around as Olaf (Violet Noggle), an orange M&M (Wendi Noggle) and Mal (Lily Noggle). Little ninja Ellionia Campbell had a blast with a steam-punked Jade Fuller, Deanna Brelinski as monster under the bed, Ruby Lopez as a fox and Tyffany Campbell as the devil.

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