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Congratulations to the Michigan State Spartans winning a share of the Big ten title for the first time in over 20 years. The Wisconsin Badgers and the Buckeyes of Ohio State are also champions. The 11-1 record of MSU should have earned it a spot in the Rose Bowl or a BCS appearance. However, they will more than likely be headed to the Capital One Bowl. That to me is a dirty shame and outright robbery.

The MSU football squad deserves a better bowl game than that. The Spartans played a tougher schedule than OSU and Wisconsin here in 2010. I mean, come on, go and look at OSU’s schedule; it was a junior varsity schedule. I feel as though MSU should be in a BCS game along with Wisconsin and OSU should be checking in thier wallets and finding a Capital One bowl bid. MSU alumni and their fans should feel awesome, though, on what the football team accomplished here in 2010. The rest of the BCS had a shake up over the weekend as Boise State fell out of the BCS picture totally. I bet Kyle Brotzman didn’t get much sleep after blowing two chip shot field goals of 26 and 29 yards in a losing effort to Nevada. Poor fellah! Auburn’s dramatic come-from-behind victory over the choking Bama football squad propelled them into the number-one spot overtaking Oregon, which slid to number two. TCU is three, Stanford four, and Wisconsin number five in the BCS standings with one week to go.

It is amazing how in most years the BCS seems to shake itself out right at the end of the season. Love it or hate it, the BCS does create talk, hype, and debate, which is what college football wants. I want the TCU Horned Frogs in the title game! Hopefully the ole ball coach at South Carolina can upset Auburn.

Fiasco for Wolverines

One quick note on the Michigan fiasco of a football team. It was pitiful and disgusting to watch OSU win its seventh straight game over U of M. The Rich Rod experiment has blown up in the laboratory (I say men’s room, but would use a stronger word). Dave Brandon, the athletic director, needs to let him coach the

Flea Bag Bowl game and cut him loose. Hire a circus clown from the rodeo; the results would be just as good. I think it’s fifty-fifty for the arrogant SOB whether he is at Michigan for one more year. The worst hire in the history of college football is one RICH RODRIGUEZ. I vote goodbye and don’t let the door hit you in the a**. Come on, Jimmy Harbaugh, Michigan needs you—a Michigan Man.

Good news, bad news

The Tigers stay in the baseball news by signing Victor Martinez, the catcher from the Boston Red Sox. The deal is for four years and $50 million large ones. One good thing is there will be some offense behind the plate, unlike last season. The bad news is, defensively, Victor isn’t a real strong suit. I’ll take the offensive production, personally. The Tigers’ line up last season was terrible, especially at the bottom of the order. Spring training is only 2- 1/2 months away!

A quick thought on Derek Jeter: don’t play hardball with the Yankees and just sign a reasonable deal. Nobody wants to see you in a San Francisco Giants uniform or any other team jersey. Retire a Yankee; there are not many one-team guys anymore on any sports teams.

The Lions played a decent game on Turkey Day which was nice. The last five have been totally non-competitivfor the Lions. How about a win over the Chicago Bears come Sunday? I doubt it, but I think they will keep it close.

Lock pick a winner last week, and here is another one. Roll’em Cammy:

Houston +8.5 over PHILADELPHIA
MINNESOTA – 6 over Buffalo
MIAMI – 4.5 over Cleveland
TENNESSEE – 4 over Jacksonville
KANSAS CITY – 9 over Denver
Washington + 7 over NEW YORK GIANTS
DETROIT + 3.5 over Chicago
GREEN BAY – 7 over San Francisco
CINCINNATI + 7 over New Orleans
TAMPA BAY + 3 over Atlanta
Oakland + 13 over SAN DIEGO
SEATTLE – 6 over Carolina
INDIANAPOLIS – 5.5 over Dallas
St.Louis + 3 over ARIZONA
BALTIMORE – 3 over Pittsburgh
N. ENGLAND – 3.5 over New York Jets
LAST WEEK: 6-9-1 SEASON: 88-77-10 LOCK: 7-4-1

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