What a show at the 146th Open championship!

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The Fat Guy had to DVR the 145th Open Championship on Sunday morning. I thought to myself, what are the odds of me making it through the entire day without finding out the results? I thought they were not very good, actually!

The miracle of all miracles happened, though, and I made it home without one text or phone call wrecking my DVR plan. I got to watch it like it was live. It’s amazing how some little things in life can make you so happy. The battle at Royal Troon between Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson was a major golf championship battle. Henrik Stenson makes an unbelievable 10 birdies on Sunday! I said 10 birdies for Pete’s sake. Henrik shoots a golf major record 264, the lowest score ever posted in a major. He ties Johnny Miller’s 63 at Oakmont in 1973, which is considered one of the greatest rounds of golf ever. Let the debate begin which was better, Miller’s or Stenson’s. I vote Stenson, but I was only 9-years old when Miller did it, so my vote probably doesn’t carry much weight. Then Phil shoots an awesome -17 and loses by three strokes? All you can say is, wow! The 46-year old Lefty gave Stenson every golf shot he could give him. The problem is, the 40-year old Swede wouldn’t buckle. What a tournament and what a great golf match. It exceeded all my expectations.

Phil has been a runner up 11 times now. Phil did take home a cool $890,000 so don’t feel too bad for him. Oh, and Henrik? He picked up a smooth $1.5 million.

One more piece of golf news was announced this week. Tiger Woods will not play golf in any PGA Tour events the rest of the season. I did not expect him to play any events, to be honest, so this is not huge news. When was the last time Tiger Woods played a PGA Tour event you ask? How about August 2015 at the Wyndham Championship where he finished tied for 10th. Hopefully, Tiger returns to the PGA Tour in 2017.

Motor City Kitties decent in second half

The second half of the baseball season is underway now that the All-Star break is over and the Tigers are off to a decent start. Detroit took two of three from the Kansas City Royals.

The lowly Minnesota Twins are in town for three games and the Tigers took game one of the series. Detroit will then head to Chicago to take on the White Sox for a four-game series. The wildcard standings show Houston, Toronto, and Boston ahead of the Tigers. The key for Detroit will be the bullpen and starting pitching, as is the case for most teams in August and September. The Tigers’ bullpen has been pretty steady lately and that’s a good sign for the Tigers. I think the Tigers’ offense is in fine shape. The trade deadline will see plenty of action as numerous teams are in the hunt for wildcard spots.

The team to keep your eyes on is the New York Yankees. If the Yanks have a bad next two weeks of baseball they will become sellers at the deadline. These next two weeks are critical for a lot of teams. The decision to buy or sell is always difficult to make for both the team and its fans. A seller is basically throwing in the towel for the last two months of the season.

Camps in session

The NFL training camps will open here shortly. The dates for the Lions to report are July 23 for the rookies and the veterans get a few extra days off, as they will report on July 28. It’s the first training camp without Calvin Johnson! It will seem awfully strange not seeing No. 81 on the football field for the Detroit Lions. I am so glad to see the football season approaching. The Fat Guy actually went out and bought a couple of football magazines this past weekend to start brushing up on college and pro football.

I also want you all to know the Beat the Fat Guy pool will be back this season and I am looking for lots of players to participate. Details will be released soon! I don’t want you to miss out because the winner will receive a nice prize, so stay tuned. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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