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The NFL season is here! The Fat Guy has heard a lot of crap over the years about how bad I am at picking NFL games. Here is the deal! I am running a pool on espn.com and it’s free to you football prognosticators.

Here is what you have to do to join. The first thing is get yourself registered. The next step is hit the fantasy button and then click on Pigskin Pick’em. The pool name is Beat The Fat Guy. The Password is Love Donuts. Then enter your picks for the week. When the NFL season ends anyone who finishes ahead of me will go into a drawing for a $200 gift certificate at Louie’s Sports Tavern in Lapeer.

If only two people sign up you have to like your chances, don’t you? My selections show up under dexter8864 in case you want to know who I am! Good luck to those of you who enter. I don’t think very many of you can finish ahead of me anyway. I am the NFL handicapper of newspapers. The crystal cheeseball is plugged in and smoldering hot at this very instant. Don’t be scared to enter the contest!

The opening night is Thursday in New England and Tom Brady will be under center for the Patriots. Yes, he has defeated “Deflategate” for the time being. The NFL is appealing the decision. I have to believe the Steelers are not happy about the fact that Tom Brady is playing in this football game! I know if I was on the Pittsburgh Steelers football team I would not be happy at all.

The New England Patriots are currently installed as 6.5 point favorites over the Steelers. The crystal cheese ball is telling the Fat Guy take the points so I will take the 6.5 points. No Air In Balls 27 and Steel City 24.

The Monday night football has two games on tap. The first one is at 7:10 p.m. and the game is in Hotlanta, Georgia. The Philadelphia Eagles (minus Tim Tebow) will play the Atlanta Falcons.

The Eagles have been piling up points in the preseason and I think they will in this game, too. The Atlanta Falcons were horrible last season and this year will be no different.

The lava is flowing out of my crystal ball. Here is how the battle of the birds will end up: The Fly Eagles Fly 34 and Clipped Winged Falcons 27.

The night cap has Minny Ha Ha taking on the Rice a Roni Treats at 10:10 p.m. or so. The Vikings have one A.P. back in the lineup and Teddy “Gonna throw the Niners under” the Bridgewater. I love the Vikings to win on the road. Minny Sota 23 and Niners 13.

The boys from Motown are on at 4:05 p.m. on the left coast and the Electric Bolts from San Diego are the opponents. This is a tough opener for the Lions. San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers can be one of the best in the league on some Sundays. However, he can also be one of the worst, too. I hope the Lions can pick up a nice road win in the opener and kick start their season right.

I am going to have to pick against the Lions in this contest, though. The cheeseball has spoken and it says: Dead Bolts 23 and Kitty Cats 20.

When you look at the Lions schedule they could start out the season 0-4 real easily! Scary thought, but it could happen.

College pigskin review

The Michigan Wolverines lost their opener in Utah, 24-17. The quarterback play stunk. The defense played good ball. I liked what I saw and believe Michigan will be all right. The MSU Spartans defeated Western Michigan. The Spartans will have ESPN in town for game day on Saturday night as Oregon comes to town. I like Sparty to win this one.

NFL picks up next

Pittsburgh +6.5 over NEW ENG.
CHICAGO +7 over Green Bay
Kansas City +1 over HOUSTON
Cleveland +3 over NY JETS
BUFFALO +2.5 over Indianapolis
Miami -4 over WASH.
JACK’VILLE +3 over Carolina
ST. LOUIS +4 over Seattle
ARIZONA -2.5 over New Orleans
SAN DIEGO -3 over Detroit
Tennessee +3 over TAMPA BAY
OAKLAND +3 over Cincinnati
Baltimore +4 over DENVER
DALLAS -6 over NY Giants
Philadelphia -3 over Atlanta
Minnesota -2.5 over SAN FRAN.

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