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I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and took a second to thank all who have served this country in the military. The Fat Guy would like to thank all of you for your service. I would also like to thank those who died while in service to protect this great country we live in. Memorial Day is a time of reflection and also a time to salute all people who have ever served the USA. I say thank you. I like the fact that at every Detroit Lions home game they give recognition to a person of the military. The entire stadium stands up and it gives you a warm and special feeling that these people are being recognized. Keep it up Lions organization, it’s a great thing you are doing.

So, what’s going on in the world of sports? We have hockey, basketball and some baseball. Let’s talk about it.

Glass slipper anybody?

The NHL has a Cinderella story in the making going on. The New York Rangers have the Montreal Canadiens down 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals. I predicted the “Habs” to win this series. It looks like a bad prediction by yours truly. However, in my defense, I did not expect the Montreal goaltender, Carey Price, to go down with an injury.

I really believe with Carey Price between the pipes this would have been a Canadien series winner. I give the Rangers credit, they are taking advantage of the situation with Montreal using a back-up goalie. I can honestly say the Rangers have no control over what’s happened to Montreal.

The old Madison Square Garden is going to see some Stanley Cup action here in the 2014 season. They cannot blow a 3-2 series lead, at least I don’t think so. If they do, it will be an epic collapse. As of Monday, the Western Conference has the L.A. Kings up 3-1 and have stolen away home ice advantage from the Blackhawks.

I am looking good so far with this L.A. prediction. I said Jonathan Quick would be the difference and so far he has been.

The play of Jeff Carter has also been outstanding for the Kings. The Kings and Rangers, well we all had them in the Stanley Cup Finals, right? If you did, congratulations. I sure didn’t. I know I am jumping the red line a little, but I see these two teams in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Hardwood blowout

The NBA Finals are following the correct script. The Miami Heat are methodically destroying the dysfunctional Indiana Pacers. Have you ever seen a team make it to the NBA Finals with an easier trip than the Heat will take? I mean, the Eastern Conference is a complete joke and the Heat are proving it on the hardwood. The Spurs and Oklahoma Thunder are tied 2-2. The first two games in San Antonio were Casper the Friendly Ghost no shows by the Thunder. I realize Sege Ibaka is a good player, but I mean he can’t be the difference between a win and a 30-point blowout, can he?

Tucking tail

What happened to our Detroit Tigers in Cleveland last weekend? The Tigers took on a struggling Cleveland Indians team that was just swept up by the Oakland A’s at home. Detroit left town with their Tiger tails tucked beneath their legs. They lost a game on a third-grade balk play for cripe’s sake.

Then they come home and the Texas Rangers pounded the Tigers starting pitching like it was Little League pitchers. Justin Verlander has been roughed up pretty bad in his last two starts. The Tigers don’t need him to be struggling over the summer. We all saw enough of that last year to be brutally honest. The Tigers are still in great shape as you cannot win all the games in baseball and they were due for a rough patch because that’s just how baseball works. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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