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One week into firearm deer hunting season and the stories begin to emerge.

Veteran hunters marking major milestones like Metamora’s Harold Best. (See our Wednesday, Nov. 13 County Press story online at www.mihomepaper.com). Others are passing along knowledge, tradition and stewardship to the next generations and still others are just simply planning and making the deer camp feasts that come around but once a year.

So what’s your story? What does the firearm season mean to you and your family? Who has the longest drought of bagging a buck and who’s upstaging the elder hunters in your circle? Or, perhaps you are just one of the good guys helping those who can no longer get out into the field by themselves. We want to hear from you. Over the next couple weeks, I want to share your story with the rest of the readers. You can be as specific or noncommittal as you want. We aren’t asking you to give up your favorite hunting spot, but if the story includes Uncle John’s farm, by all means include the details. If you just want to share your hunting photos, we can certainly take those under consideration as well. But, do keep in mind that not all of our readers appreciate those shots. Be tasteful and I do reserve the right to reject any and all that may offend.

If you’re a non-hunter within your larger hunting family and have some great recipes to share, by all means, send those along too. I’ll pick out a few favorites and share along with the stories and photos.

Let’s talk about deadlines. Any for consideration for the next editions have to reach me by noon on Monday.

I’m looking for stories that will make some laugh, maybe some will shed a tear remembering the last time they had the opportunity to hunt with a loved one now passed. I’m also looking for the inspiring ones such as one I heard a few years back from a youngster at the Lapeer buck pole just proud that the big buck he entered would be helping to feed his large family. He wasn’t looking for a trophy, just a “well done, son” from fellow hunters who were admiring not just his hunting skill, but his leadership role in his own family.

Some often say, “Oh, no one wants to hear about me. Not much to tell here.” Just like the highly-popular television segments we all see on TV where someone opens a phone book and selects a name at random, everyone has a story to tell. And, maybe your story isn’t exactly deer related, but speaks to the whole fall tradition. Let’s hear about those too.

It’s a wonderful time of year to spend with family and friends. Who knows. You might just inspire someone, or be able to help out a youngster or first-time hunter who needs guidance, but has no one to turn to in order to get started in a lifelong recreation that we all enjoy as hunters and outdoorsmen and women.

Send your stories/photos to Sports Editor Lisa Paine at lpaine@mihomepaper.com

Where’s the commitment?

Because my column didn’t make all of the VIEW print editions last week, you can read it online at www.mihomepaper.com and click on Grand Blanc View in the dropdown list to the upper right. Last week’s column talked about a lack of commitment by some studentathletes and also features input from Michigan High School Athletic Association director John Johnson from his blogs. All past SportsView columns can also be read online.

Sparty on!

Most who follow my column know I am a die-hard Michigan State fan. Two more games left on the slate for the football team…Northwestern and Minnesota. The wins haven’t always been pretty as the Spartans gain confidence and poise under pressure, but with the football team still undefeated in Big 10 play and the basketball team now ranked No. 1, it’s good to be green! Goodrich’s Kyler Elsworth is finishing out his final season as a Spartan gridiron player. Fingers crossed that he and the Spartans go out undefeated in regular-season play.

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