Where’s the “voter’s fraud”?

As a resident of Davison Township, I see township clerk campaign signs saying “Stop Voter Fraud. What is she talking about? Is she talking about fraud in Davison’s last election? The former Attorney General of the U.S said there was NO voter fraud in the last election. A Michigan House of Representatives committee, controlled by Republicans and chaired by a Republican, concluded there was no voter fraud in our last election. So, what is she referring to? Is there something going on locally that is not known by the general public?

There are so many serious problems that need attention such as gun violence, high medical and prescription costs, need for bipartisan immigration solutions, climate change, a tax system where everyone pays their fair share and so many more. Dwelling on issues that do not exist takes attention, time, money and focus from problems that are real.

I commend people who are willing to run for public office, sometimes a thankless job. People who take on this job should be serious about it and always have the public’s real concerns as their motive for running for office. — Dean Bagnall, Davison Township