Who will bring Paul home?

Fat Guy Corner



The state of Michigan will be in a total frenzy come Saturday at high noon! The banter will go on all week long between Michigan State and Michigan fans.

It’s been a long time since these two rivals have played with 7-0 records or better. How about the year 1964? Yes, that was the year the Fat Guy was brought into this world.

The Wolverines come into East Lansing ranked No. 6 in the country. The Michigan State Spartans — the hosts — are ranked No. 8.

The Paul Bunyan trophy will be a special piece of hardware awarded to the winner. The Wolverines would love to take it to Ann Arbor after “Paul” spent the whole year in East Lansing.

The boys from College GameDay will also be on site this weekend. I personally have numerous friends who are going to the game on Saturday. However, none of them have offered me a ticket, so I guess I must rank low on the totem pole as a friend? I guess it’s the Man Cave at the Fat Guy’s house for the big football game.



I want to say, the turnaround for both these football programs in 2021 is remarkable. I can positively say nobody saw this type of success for these two football teams after the dismal records last season. How did MSU and U of M turn it around on the football field in 2021? The Spartans and Michigan both run the ball consistently. The Spartans rely heavily on Kenneth Walker III, who has toted the rock with 152 carries for 997 yards this season. He has been a total beast running the football.

The Wolverines have a one-two punch in Blake Corum and Hassan Haskins. I expect the running game to take center stage in this contest. I think Mel Tucker and Jimmy Harbaugh will pound the football on the ground sticking to what got them to 7-0.

The defenses have been solid, both allowing about 120 yards against them by their opponents. The Spartans allow 400 yards passing while Michigan allows 300 yards against them. The Wolverines allow 14 points and Michigan State almost 19 points, which to me, is the statistic that counts. I would say the Michigan defense gets a slight nod over Michigan State. However, I believe the Spartans’ offense is a nod better than Michigan’s, because they can throw the ball better.

Who does the Fat Guy like to win on Saturday? I think it’s a field goal game and Michigan wins it on the road in East Lansing by a score of 20-17.

I do know the atmosphere in East Lansing will be electric and this should be a tight game the entire way. What team and fan base will get the bragging rights for 365 days is the question? I cannot wait until noon Saturday!

The Detroit Lions and the quarterback switch-a-roo of teams game turned out to be a decent football game. The ex-Lion quarterback Matthew Stafford defeated his old team 28-19.

I thought Stafford played a decent football game against his old mates. I thought Jared Goff played okay but not great. The problem with Jared Goff is he turns over the football in critical times of the football game. Jared Goff tossed two interceptions and one of them went to Jalen Ramsey of the Rams late in the football game.

I will say, the Lions coach pulled all the tricks in trying to get the Lions their first victory of the season. The Lions ran two fake punts successfully and a nice onsides kick recovery. Good job Dan Campbell, you out coached cocky and arrogant coach Sean McVay from the Rams. I do not like McVay one bit. The Lions will host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday still searching for a victory.

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