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This Shiraz is from Australia and it SUXX



Nobody has more fun with their wine labels than those down-under Aussies. This is a prime example. When I ran across this at a local wine shop, I had to do a double take to make sure I read the label right; sure enough it said SUXX. Then I turned the bottle around and read the back label: “ Today Suxx, Work Suxx, Weather Suxx, TV Suxx, War Suxx, Driving Suxx, Flying Suxx, Censorship Suxx, Dave Ethridge — VIEW Exercise Suxx, Sleep Suxx, Radio Suxx, Cell Phone Suxx, Text Messaging Suxx, Crime Suxx, Fame Suxx, Online Suxx, Email Suxx, Thinking Suxx, Listening Suxx, Gossip Suxx, Love Suxx, Hate Suxx, Wine Suxx, Suxx Suxx.” Well, I can agree with almost all of that except for the last part – Suxx Suxx is not true, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Suxx is a marvelous South Australian Shiraz produced by the R Winery. It is a prime example of why the Shiraz of Australia is such a hit and so popular besides, or perhaps in spite of, their provocative, humorous labels. The wine is a deep purple reddish color almost crystal opaque; the nose is rich and reminiscent of chocolate covered cherries; the body is full and robust; the flavor is rich with cherry, blueberry and blackberries, and chocolate spiced with a touch of black pepper. It is big, bad, bold and slightly over the top, designed to offend and indulge and arouse. It does all of those things but with a finesse that makes it a beautiful bottle of wine. The name and label gets your attention but the wine will make you remember all those things you like about a good bottle of wine.



Suxx has received rave reviews from wine writers around the world; some have given it 5 stars, Parker’s Wine Advocate gave it 91 points, others have listed it as one of the all time bestbuys on the market since it is priced in the $20 range. The

2006 vintage shown here is just now reaching its peak and will hold for several more years – that makes it a collector’s wine, once again surprising in this price range.

The R Winery in

South Australia is Wine Columnist noted for producing surprising wines at surprising prices but this one ranks as their best.

Aged 14 months is American and

French oak, the process helps to bring out the bouquet which is full of those descriptors noted above. It is also a sign of a winemaker who is putting this best foot forward to produce a truly stunning wine. Some Shiraz from Australia is harsh on the palate, seems hot on the tongue from too high an alcohol level and short on the finish with too little fruit.

Not Suxx, although the alcohol level is listed as 15.9%, it is perfectly balanced so that the fruit flavors continue on long after you’ve swallowed – the hallmark of a fine wine.

The label got me interested; I had to try the wine and that’s exactly what a good label should do – get you interested. The only place I’ve found Suxx is at the Oxford Wine and Beverage shop; that is, thus far. I’m sure that when the word gets around about this wine, in this price range, people are going to demand more of it. So, if you don’t find it at your local wine shop, ask them to find it for you. It’s available in Michigan and too good to miss.

Dave Ethridge is a nationally known wine writer, certified wine judge, and the director of the Lapeer Chapter of Tasters

Guild International.

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